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  Project Management 101 for the Government

Posted May 23, 2018  |  Filed under Fixing The Government

There is a right way to implement change and then there is a wrong way, and usually the government takes the wrong approach. When the government takes the wrong approach, people suffer in many ways, such as higher taxes, higher living costs, and unreasonable impositions. The method the government often takes is the wrong approach. In many cases they use force in the form of higher taxes, really bad regulations, and going after companies and organizations that foster the system the government wants to change. The problem is that this makes people suffer in many ways, such as higher taxes, lost jobs, higher costs at the store, unreasonable laws that are impossible to follow, and many more ways. Forcing people to make change is not the way to do it. Let me tell you how to make change without making people suffer.

When a company wants to create a new system to meet the needs of the company, they don't just turn off the old system and force their workers to figure out to do their work until the new system is built and in place. First, they analyze their needs to determine if they need a new system, or just make enhancements and modifications to the old system. Once they make their determination, they build up and continue to support the current system so their workers can continue to do their work until the new system, or enhancements to the old system, are in place; then they transition over to the new system in phases. They don't just turn the old system off and turn on the new system. It would be a disaster for the workers. The best way for the government to implement a change is to take this system approach to making a change.

First, they need to determine if a new system is needed, or just modify or enhance the old system. And since it affects the population, they need to find out if the population even wants that type of new system - not just force it on them. Unfortunately, the government just makes decisions on their own based on ideology, politics, or because they think they know what is better for you than you do, without any type of study to see if it is needed or wanted. But anyway, once a determination is made, they should then build up and continue to support the old system so the population will not have to suffer until a new system or enhances to an old system are in place. At that point, they can then transition the people off the old system. But here is something to think about - if the population wants the new system or enhancements to the old, and if the new system or enhancements are better than the old, then the population will adopt the new system on their own. They won't need to be "transitioned" into the new system by the government. This is an important factor that the government just does not understand.

I just have one question for you - can you think of any systems or causes that the government is trying change by force? I can think of many!

Author: GH

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