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  An Easy Way to Reduce Pork Spending

An Easy Way to Reduce Pork Spending

Posted May 12, 2018  |  Filed under Fixing The Government

As you know pork spending (also known as pork barrel spending) is costing tax payers billions of dollars every year. Pork barrel spending is simply the government spending money on local projects for the purpose of "bringing" money to a congressman's district or a senator's state. They do this only for political purposes for re-election - so they can brag how much federal money they brought to their district or state during their next re-election campaign. The thing is that this pork barrel spending is costing us taxpayers a lot of money, to include the taxpayers of the district and state that gets the funds. You don't think you get it for free do you?

Pork barrel spending is usually done in a sneaky way called earmarks. An earmark is simply an attachment to a bill being passed in congress. Where the sneaky part comes in is when they attach their earmark to a piece of legislation that has nothing to do with their earmark and the legislation is important and will most likely get passed. They sneak in these earmarks usually under the table and at times where they won't get noticed. They also work under-the-table deals with other congressmen and senators in that "if you vote for my earmark, I will vote for yours". It sure is easy to spend other people's money! In other words, they are spending the taxpayer's money, which causes our taxes and the national debt to go sky high.

There is an easy way to help fix this. It has been said in the past that a "line item veto" for the president will take care of the problem. Wrong! It won't fix the problem. The only thing this will do is give the president the power to veto the items for the opposition party and approve the items for president's party. The way to fix this is to enact a simple law that states that earmarks cannot be attached to legislation that has nothing to do with the earmark. In other words, an earmark that spends a million dollars on building a monument in a city park cannot be attached to the military appropriations bill, or any other bill that has nothing to do with the monument. If they want the monument bad enough, then they will have to create a bill just for the monument, and it by itself will have to be voted on by all in congress in both the house and senate. No, it will not stop pork spending cold, but it will drastically slow it down. The other way to reduce it is to not vote for anyone bragging about how much money they brought to their district or state, or how much money they will try to bring to their district or state if elected. I would vote for the person that says they won't be doing this. Remember, if they don't spend the money, taxes and the national debt will be reduced, and the money will "naturally" be brought in to the district or state on its own. In other words, if you have lower taxes, you will have more money in your pocket to spend in your district or state. The money will stay in your domain and not be taken by the federal government and then spent haphazardly.

So now it is up to us taxpayers to contact our congressmen and senators and tell them we want a law enacted that prevents earmarks from being attached to legislation that has nothing to do with the earmarks. Also tell them that you will not vote for them if they participate in, or plan to participate in the sneaky practice of attaching earmarks to legislation that has nothing to do with the earmarks, or spending taxpayer money haphazardly.

Author: GH

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