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  One Way to Stop Hackers Now!

Posted March 20, 2018  |  Filed under Technology

Just about everyday on the news you hear of a company being hacked, or a government agency that has been hacked. Hackers and our enemies are getting away with stealing our trade secrets, personal information, classified government information, and much more! It is costing us taxpayers billions of dollars and a less secure nation. This has got to stop and there is a sure fire way to stop it cold - disconnect that information from the Internet!

There is no reason whatsoever for a computer that contains classified or sensitive government information be connected to the Internet. There is no reason at all for a company computer that contains sensitive proprietary information and trade secrets be connected to the Internet! Technology is cheap today. There is no reason why a company or government agencies not have two networks. One network would be used only internally within the organization and not be connected to the Internet. This internal network could contain that sensitive information spoke about. The other network would be connected to the Internet and used for communications purposes. This network would not have any sensitive or classified information on it. These two networks would not be connected. In addition, not all people within an organization would need to have access to both networks, thus saving money. Those that do would have two computers on their desk.

You may think that this will be costly by providing two computers to every individual in an organization. But as I stated earlier, not everyone in an organization would need access to both networks. In addition, technology is cheap these days. I remember my first laptop cost me nearly $3000, and it was not a top of the line machine. Today, you can purchase a much more powerful machine for less than $300. And there are other options as well. Yes, there will be a small investment up front, but in the long run, it will save a lot of money and keep our sensitive and classified information a lot safer.

Yes, there will be those organizations that will say that they have precautions, firewalls, and other technologies and processes in place to stop the hackers. All I have to say to them is watch the news. And yes, this won't stop a disgruntled employee from doing something nefarious. That is where the procedures come in. By the way, I do have a fairly extensive background in information technology and computer security that goes back several decades. I will be adding posts about this in the future.

Author: GH

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