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  Where is the Technology?

Posted October 21, 2018  |  Filed under Technology

Ever wondered why some technologies are not going that fast or even going backwards? Let me show you one example of a technology that has gone backwards - and to the expense of the public.

Back in 1975 I purchased a brand new 1975 Honda Civic. I paid about $4,200 for it. One of the reasons I purchased that specific car was that they advertised that it would get a whopping 42 MPG in gas mileage. After I purchased it the car actually did get 42 MPG! I was pleased.

Fast forward 40+ years to today. I recently went to the Honda website and looked at the current Honda Civic line. Depending on the model of Honda Civic, they are advertising that they get 31 to 41 miles per gallon! The only car they advertise that beats the gas mileage of my old 1975 Civic is their Civic Hybrid - and it only gets 47 MPG - only 5 MPG better that the 1975 Civic! So what happened to the technology? You would think that after 40 years, they would at least be able to double the gas mileage, and I don't mean for hybrids.

Now I am not picking on Honda. They are a good car manufacture. I'm only using them as an example because I actually owned a 1975 Honda Civic. I am positive all of the other car manufacturers are same. I actually checked a couple and I was right. I Google'd some old advertisements of other cars that are still around, and they are just as bad. And some were even much worst. I'm not going to get into details in this article. You can Google it yourself and do the comparison with some of today's cars. I will point out that from 1989 to 2001 Chevrolet produced a car called the Geo Metro that got 53 to 58 MPG - and it was not a hybrid! None of the cars they offer today get that good of gas mileage. So again, I ask, where is the technology?

You would think that technology would get better over the years. Based on other technologies, I would have guessed that gas mileage would go up at least 10MPG for every five to ten years. So what is happening? Are the car companies getting paid off by somebody to keep their gas mileage low? I don't have any proof, but I would bet that they do have the technology to probably more than double the gas mileage their cars are getting today - and without using hybrid technology. Even hybrid technology doesn't add that much MPG to their cars. If they would unleash these technologies, it would have a huge positive impact on our economy. I would also be that these technologies would allow to gas engines to burn even more efficient, thus having a positive impact on the environment. Automotive technology is not the only technology that is having this problem, but it is the most visible. If you look around you will see some others. So again, where is the technology?

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