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Posted October 2, 2018  |  Filed under The Economy

When the government creates a new policy, often it has a major impact to the economy and to you. As you may know the EPA is getting ready to implement some new regulations in the name of climate change to reduce carbon emissions from electrical power plants. In most cases, power plants that use coal or gasoline to generate electricity will have to close, or cost the power plants tons of money to do some retrofitting. So where is the impact? The cost of electricity and gas will go up. So you say, "so what? I will just have to pay a few more dollars to my electric bill or at the gas station to save the world". Think again!

First, as "we" are closing power plants, countries such as China, India, Russia, and several other countries are creating new coal and gas fired power plants - and at a much faster rate than we close ours. According to the scientist, if we closed 100% of our coal and gas fired power plants, it would only reduce the world-wide emissions one-tenth of one percent, and not have any measurable effect to the climate whatsoever. So as you can see, this will have virtually zero impact on climate. Now don't get me wrong, I am for clean air. I grew up in Southern California where the smog was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The California motto was "We don't trust any air we can't see".

So now, let's talk about the impact to the economy and to you. The initial impact is all those people who will lose their jobs at the power plants and coal plants and gas and oil industry. These folks are very specialized and it will be very difficult for them to find work elsewhere. This will have a huge impact on the economy in that these people may have to go on some type of government assistance program for some time - which is paid by taxpayer money. So your taxes will go up.

You may think that the impact to the economy and to you is a little higher electric bill and gas bill at the gas station. Wrong! Electric bills will skyrocket. Gasoline will skyrocket. Even the government says that. Everybody's electric and gasoline bill will go through the roof. That includes businesses! The store you buy your food from; movie theatres; car companies; manufacturing plants; farms that grow food; gas stations; clothe stores; restaurants; schools; government agencies; everybody! With gas prices going up, transportation costs will skyrocket. How do you think the food you buy at the food store and the products you buy at the department store get there? Trucks! With the price of fuel going up, the transportation and delivery of products will go up, thus the price of food and products will go up. It's not just electricity. So not only are you paying a lot more for electricity and gas, but you are going to be paying a lot more for everything else. And I mean everything! The food at the store you buy; the hamburger and fries at the local fast food place; the clothes you purchase in a mall; the school supplies at the local department store; your cable TV and Internet; water; I mean everything! Most people don't think about this impact. It will devastate our economy.

The reason for this impact is that coal and gas are the cheapest power sources on our earth, and we have plenty of it. All other "alternative" energy sources are extremely expensive because the technologies have not been perfected yet. For example, for each kilowatt hour generated in a coal fired power plant it costs only 4 cents. For wind and solar power, it costs 22 cents. That is five and a half times the cost of coal power! Are you ready for your electric bill to go up 550%? I have a simple solution that will work and not hurt anyone or devastate our economy.

I want to make an important point before I go into the solution. The purpose of the new EPA regulations is to "punish" companies that use coal and gas and to "force" them to get out of the coal and gas business. The government should not be in the business to punish or force. They should be in the business to help companies move on to other technologies. It is totally wrong what the government is doing. A true manager would not do this. How would you feel if your boss got you to do your job through coercion and intimidation? It would be wrong! So now let's talk about my solution.

First, we should kill all regulations that have a negative impact on gas and coal. This includes supporting fracking technologies and getting the Keystone XL pipeline built. This will have a huge positive impact on our economy. Keep in mind that this is only temporary, but we need to bolster up our economy as it is hurting in so many places. We don't need to add to the pain. Again, this is only temporary.

Second, we have another natural resource that we can use that burns at a much cleaner rate - natural gas - and we have a lot of it. We have more natural gas resources than any other country in the world. We have so much we are selling it to other nations. So, we should start converting our coal usage to natural gas. Natural gas is even a great substitute for gasoline in cars, but there are hardly any gas stations that offer it. Most gasoline engines in cars and trucks today can easily be converted to burn natural gas instead of gasoline. So we need to do something to start equipping gas stations with natural gas pumps. Then automakers will start creating more natural gas running vehicles and we can convert the ones we have. Natural gas is a great intermediate and again temporary fuel source that can be used while we are perfecting our other technologies.

Remember I said earlier that all other "alternative" energy sources are extremely expensive compared to coal, gasoline, and natural gas? This is due to these technologies have not been perfected yet. These technologies include wind power, solar power, nitrogen cells, and others. These technologies are extremely expensive and very limited. So while we are taking the steps above that don't hurt our economy, we should be aiming our research at perfecting these technologies. When these technologies perfected and proven, we can then work to convert to them. This is the method on how you move the country to these technologies. You don't punish and force people to do things.

And one other point I would like to make. We have two other "clean" and cheap power sources that we have the current technologies to implement, but the government keeps blocking them. They are nuclear power and water. The technologies surrounding nuclear power plants and dams that generate electricity are available to us now - and they are very cheap and clean. However, the government has not approved the building of any for decades.

In conclusion, we need to get our government to stop doing things that hurt our country and get them to take the steps help it. If not, a lot of people are going to suffer for no reason at all. Lets convert to new power source technologies, but lets do it in smart way.

Author: GH

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