Presidential Selection Rubric

Posted August 3, 2015  |  Filed under 2016 Election

Often people vote for candidates for some of the oddest reasons. I have watched interviews of people on the news after elections where the news anchor asked who they voted for and why. I cannot believe some of the reasons that were given. Here are some of the reasons given for their selection:

1. They liked the looks of the candidate.
2. They voted for the candidate because of his/her gender or race.
3. The candidate seemed nice.
4. They always voted for a specific party.
5. They liked the way the candidate talked.
6. A friend of theirs told them to vote for a specific candidate.
7. And many more ridiculous reasons.

What is really scary is that many people that are voting have no clue about the people they are voting for, or any of the other candidates. They don't check into any of the candidates or watch the news to learn about them. They just go out and vote for someone based on one of the reasons I stated above, or some other reason. In addition, there are a few shows on television that often send out someone into the public to ask questions about the candidates or current events going on. Yes, these are funny, but it is extremely sad that people don't know the answers to the questions asked.

I came up with a Presidential Selection Scoring Rubric that I think will help. The purpose of this rubric is to provide a solid visual measurement standard for candidates running for the office of the President. Ideally, it would be good to apply this rubric on each candidate running to get a picture of all candidates. However, it is not realistic, and I do not expect anyone to do that. I believe just reading through this rubric will help anyone to be cognizant of the traits they may want to consider when selecting a candidate. A link to download the rubric is below. Download it, take a look at it, and see what you think. If you think this may help people to make better decisions, please pass it on. Feel free to post it on other blogs and social media sites. The copyright statement must remain in place. Let's see what happens.

Here is the Link:

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