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  $27,000 per Second!

$27,000 per Second!

Posted September 27, 2018  |  Filed under Fixing The Government

Yes! The government is "borrowing" $27,000 per second! Have you looked at the debt clock lately? It is now over $18.1 trillion dollars. Yes, I said "Trillion", with a "T". Why do we owe so much money? Because the government cannot control it's spending. The government receives over $3 trillion a year in taxes but spends about $4 trillion dollars a year. A lot of that spending is borrowing money just to pay for the interest on the money we borrowed! That is ridiculous!

I promised you numbers. So here are the numbers:

We owe more than 18.1 Trillion dollars.

We are borrowing 27,000 dollars per second. That equates to 97.6 million dollars per hour, 2.34 billion dollars per day, 16.38 billion dollars per week, 70.2 billion dollars per month, and 855 billion dollars per year! That is staggering. Just think of it, we, the American people, are borrowing 2.34 dollars each and every day. And the amounts keep rising because the total debt keeps rising thus the amount of interest we owe keeps rising - all thanks to our government who cannot control its spending. They are spending "our" money. They don't care because it is not their money they are spending. And a very wise person once said, "The sad thing about spending someone else's money is that sooner or later you will run of their money". Then what do you do?

Here is an assignment for you:

1. Go read my blog post titled "Debt versus Deficit".
2. Go check out the debt clock at Bookmark it and go check it out often.
3. Contact your representative in congress and your two senators and tell them to stop spending money or you will kick them out of office.
4. Contact all your family, friends, and contacts on social media websites and turn them on to this blog and tell them to get involved now.
5. Repeat steps 2 through 4 above until the debt clock starts going in the other direction.

We need to get a handle on this now before we reach the point of no return - the point when the government runs out of other people's money - "our" money.

Author: GH

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