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Posted September 18, 2018  |  Filed under Buyer Beware

I am sure you have seen a lot of commercials on TV for all sorts of different gadgets, sunglasses, kitchen devices, and many other things. After they describe the product they tell you the price and you cannot believe how low it is. But wait - if you act now, they will double the offer at no additional cost. And while you're reaching for the phone to call in and order the product, you miss that they said (in a much lower voice) that you must pay separate shipping and handling charges for the second so called "free" item. So let's see how this works. The item is $10, shipping and handling for the item is $6.95, and shipping and handling for the second "free" item is $6.95. So the total amount that you will have to pay is $23.90. That's a lot more than the $10 you saw on TV.

Here is another thing to think about. If you ever order one of those things, before you open the box when you receive it, take a look at the shipping cost on the label outside the box. It's probably about $1.95. So on the shipping they charge you $6.95, when their actual shipping cost is $1.95, so they are making $5 on the shipping. But wait - you are paying a separate shipping cost for the second "free" item. So out of the $23.90 you send them, they are paying $1.95 for shipping and pocketing $21.95. It's more than double than the amount they first quoted you. And - if you go to their website to order, instead of calling in the order, they usually try to get you to buy other items they have for sale on a similar pricing model.

But wait! I have one other point I would like to make. Often they say that if you purchase similar items from a store you would normally pay hundreds of dollars for it - so their price is amazing. But remember the old saying - you get what you pay for. Often, these items are simply junk. Here is my suggestion - if you see something on TV that you may be interested in buying, go out to Google and research it. In probably 99.99% of the reviews out there, they will state it is junk. So as the title of this category states - buyer beware!

Author: GH

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