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Posted August 10, 2018  |  Filed under Buyer Beware

Have you noticed that magazines and newspapers these days contain more than 50% advertisements? And the cost of buying a magazine or newspaper has gone up. You would think that the money they make on the sales of their magazine or newspaper would be enough. I don't buy magazine or newspapers anymore because of that. I am not willing to pay money to see advertisements and less than half of it containing articles. And to top it off, these magazine and newspaper companies are making big bucks from these advertisements that you are paying to read. Do you realize what it costs to advertise in a magazine? In some magazines, a credit card sized advertisement that is black and white with no color or graphics and is not located in a prime location in the magazine can run $1000 or more per issue! If it's a monthly magazine, then that is $12,000 per year for that little advertisement. You add color, graphics, better location, then you can more than double or triple that cost. It's ridiculous! And I'm not willing to pay to see those ads. I subscribe to the freebies. There is a reason why magazines and newspapers are disappearing these days, and it is not just because of the Internet. Now let's talk about the Internet.

This is one of my biggest pet peeves - advertisements on the Internet. They are a nuisance. Many sites put so many advertisements on them that it takes so long for a single page to load. And then they pop up an advertisement for you to read before you can read the article you went to the site for. They pop up advertisements when you move you mouse over different parts of the page, or when you scroll to the bottom of the page. And then they open up another window behind your browser window that contains advertisements for you to read after you leave the site. And now, they are sensing when you move your mouse over the little "X" to close the page they are popping up another advertisement. I went to a web site one time and counted more than 50 different advertisements on one page! Now I understand that they have to make some money on advertisements if they are providing you with free articles to read, but keep it real on the number of advertisements. I don't go to sites that overdo the advertisements, or the sites where the advertisements slow down the page to a snail's crawl, or the sites that pop up advertisements all over the place, or the sites that try to sneak advertisements behind my browser. Their free article just isn't worth it. Now let me tell you about the real kicker.

Now for the thing that really pisses me off - the sites that sell products or services. Why do web sites that sell products and services also have to cover their web pages with advertisements? Are they not making enough money off the products and services they sell? If not, then maybe they need to go into another line of business, or take another look at their business model. I get really mad when I go out to a web site to make a purchase and get bombarded by advertisements. When that happens, I go to another site that sells the product that doesn't have advertisements.

There is a very good reason why Google is, and always has been, the #1 search engine in the world. Think about it. You go to their web site; there is one empty field that you type in the thing you want to search on, and a search button - No advertisements! Not one! Now go out to another search engine. I'm not going to say which one. You know who they are. And Bam - advertisements all over the place! Then go out to a stock market web site and see what the value of Google stock is compared to the other search engine stock. There is no comparison. The bottom line is that companies that run web sites, and publish magazines, can take a lesson from Google. By the way - did you notice that there are no ads on this site?

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