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  No More Comprehensive Legislation!

Posted April 4, 2018  |  Filed under Fixing The Government

Every time I hear that the government is going to propose "comprehensive" legislation to fix something I get very nervous. The term comprehensive means that it involves something huge and all inclusive. In other words, they are going to change something big that will affect most of the U.S. population - and more importantly - cost us taxpayers a lot of money. Another issue about comprehensive legislation is that it gives them something bigger to break - and they usually do. For that last 30 to 40 years I have never seen any comprehensive legislation work properly and not cost us a lot of money.

Comprehensive legislation should be outlawed. Government legislators at all levels should pass legislation in baby steps. It will cost the taxpayers less money, there will be fewer things for the government to break, and if they do break something, it is easier and less costly to fix. Please contact your senators and congressmen and tell them - "No More Comprehensive Legislation"!

Author: GH

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