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Where is the Technology?

Posted August 16, 2015  |  Filed under Technology

Ever wondered why some technologies are not going that fast or even going backwards? Let me show you one example of a technology that has gone backwards - and to the expense of the public.
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Take Control of Your E-Mail and Kill Spam

Posted August 15, 2015  |  Filed under Technology

Do you get a ton of unwanted spam? Do companies you deal with sell or give away your e-mail address? Do you want to have complete control of your e-mail? If you answered yes to any of these question, let me show you how.
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One Way to Stop Hackers Now!

Posted December 17, 2014  |  Filed under Technology

There is one way to stop hackers from hacking into companies and stealing their trade secrets. This will also stop hackers from hacking into government agencies and stealing our technology and classified information. Let me show you how.
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